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Here's An Example:

This is the cottage that Ken purchased without any of his own money for $795,000. He did $250,000 worth of renovations and increased the value to $1,795,000. Now he earns over $250,000 per year in rental income and gets over 10 weeks per year with his family! You will learn exactly how to do this if you attend the workshop!


"I have watched Ken build this cottage investment business.  I've been on each project.  He is the master!!"

Craig Douglas

Here's What You'll Get:

 1. Dream Cottage Online Course   ( $1,997)

Follow these steps to your own 7 figure dream cottage business

Included in the member's area is a step by step video training process based on everything Ken has learned. This means that you get to avoid the mistakes that Ken made and get your business up and profiting 10X faster.  

 2. Ken's Rolodex   ( $1,997)

Use Ken's Vetted Team of Experts

Ken has completed vetted everyone of the experts that he uses.  Now you get to use the top real estate agents, mortgage brokers, contractors for renovations and discounts on furniture and appliances.  This rolodex will save you time and money!!

 3.   Monthly Private Coaching. ($1,497)

Bring Your Deal's To Ken To Help You Vet

On the first Tuesday night (8 pm est) of every month, you can join Ken on zoom and he will walk you through the deals that he is working on and also take the take to review your deal and answer questions.

 4.  2 Free Tickets For REI Summit ($594)

Start your career with the elite calibre event

Cottage Dream Vacations hosts 2 live Real Estate Investor's Summit per year.  You can choose to attend either summit, in the year you join, for free!!  You get 2 Free tickets worth $594.

 5. Private Facebook Group   ( $997)

Network with your future Join Venture Partners

Inside of our private Facebook group, Ken goes live 3 times per week and break down all of what he is doing in these trainings.  As well, in the Facebook group you will be able to share your investments with others and connect with your future partners.

 6. Fund Raising Support  ($1,997)

Get access to the lender's list

Ken has built a list of 7,000 mortgage lenders that want to fund your cottage deals.  They are willing to go up to 100% financing and are waiting for you.  if you join the Dream Cottage Business coaching program, Ken will help you fund your deals.

Plus 1 AMAZING Bonus:

 8. 20% Discount: Mini-Nordic Spa ($12,000)

Sky-rocket your rentals

Total Value: Over $32,579

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